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Had another blood test today and darn it I passed out. I have only ever passed out once before in my life and today it was just so embarrasing. Well to be fair the amount of blood they were taking was a rather large quantity but I still can't help but feel somewhat of a wuss, but I guess you can't stop your body's natural reaction *sigh* stupid thing.

Anyway to comfort myself I came home and watched 'Victor/Victoria' with my mum. Gosh Julie Andrews could sing, I feel so sorry thatthe operation she had meant she couldn't sing anymore, losing a talent like that must be like losing yourself. Anyway I adore that film, it cracks me up everytime and James Garner even looks cute with a 'tash, lol. I love all of the musical numbers but I have to say the song 'Crazy World' is my fave, and I aspire to be able to sing it on stage myself one day.

Anywho, the day off gave me a chance to start those HP character analysis I have been meaning to do for ever. I haven't done Severus yet, he's my fave so may save him for last. Not to mention he's the most interesting and intriguing character out of the lot!

Right. Best be off and warm up for my piano lesson *wiggles the dainty digits* lol


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