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Hey there! God I dread to think how long it is since I've seriously sat down at my computer and come on here. But I'm back and am a happier person which is great. I've had a great time recently and have a few happy points to share in hope that it spreads the happiness!

First point that I'm currently happy about is that in nine days I'm going to have my 18 BIRTHDAY. 23rd of April, folks think of me that day please because I'm going to be so crazily hyper!!

Second point is that the play that I was directing has gotten to the National Theatre. I'm the first ever under 18 (JUST!) to get a play at the national, I am so happy about that. Its made all of the hell I've gotten from it totally worth it. *dances*

Third I went to see Rocky Horror. I have to say it was quite possibly the best night of my life. I learnt all of the callouts which just enchanced the experiance and just generally had a great time. Although at the end a random transvestite that I met and I had to be kicked out by Franknfurter (Yes I know thats wrong! lol) because we wouldn't stop doing the Time Warp. Seriously if you haven't been GO!

Fourthly my drama group is doing a caberet soon and I've jumped into that feet first. I'm doing lots of things, including a scene from Willy Wonka (YAY working with Matt again as well as revisiting one of my best roles ever. But I am gonna have to deal with the bear again) but I am also singing a David Bowie song, Life On Mars (Yes Idol Hands I can see you grinning at this particular line up) I'm doing lots of other things too, but it feels so darn good to be on the stage again after directing!

Anyway in connection to a post that [Bad username or site: @] recently did 'The Demon' we got into an interesting talk about how the light can also adversely effect you and well as the darkness. With that in mind I thought that I'd post some of the thoughts we came up with and other thoughts that I have on the subject.

As anyone who has ever read one of my older posts knows, I have my fair share of demons that I was always trying to run away from, desperatly trying to reach towards the light and escape. Well I have given up on that, in this world it simply isn't possible. Don't try you will only make yourself miserable. Seriously do as I have done, don't cage your demons. Instead embrace them listen to what they have to say but also take your angels and listen to what they have to say. Ideally you will be able to meld your darkness and light into one thing that lets you see in shades of grey rather than simply in black and white. I promise you that it has made my life scarily better, I'm the same person...I will admit that things still get me down afterall I am only human, however it is far easier to to find the silver lining around the cloud.

However what about those who actually seem to shun the light? Those who prefer to hide in shadows, never being seen, hardly ever being remembered. What do they get out of the darkness that they don't get from light? Well its exactly that we tease them about, they have a certain anonymity that allows them to go through life without having to truely examine what they are doing. The light exposes them, exposes the flaws that they wish to hide. However I think that once you embrace your flaw, what you are, you are to a certain extent bound to become a happier -hell healthier- person.

Now yes I hear the dark lovers out there crying in outrage that they most certainly are not afraid of the light, and that they are perfectly happy with any so called falws that they may have. I hurry to insist that simply because you may be attracted to the darker side of life (I myself am, as demonstrated that I belong to darksidewonka) that you are not a dark person. In fact those who are attracted to the dark generally seem to be the most adapted to life and its pitfalls (note GENERALLY) I think that is because those who are dark lovers have often been through a phase of true darkness. They understand it, the are even friends with it, however they also know what its like to bask in the light. They have found the best of both worlds.

So there you are I say embrace the demons and angels in your soul. Make them work together and life will seems better, I promise.


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