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Apr. 17th, 2006 11:08 pm
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My room is absolutely sacred to me. I mean I cannot stand anyone being inside my room without me there to make sure that nothing is changed. I just seem to have this weird obsession with everything being perfect. Not necessarily tidy, I'll be the first to admit I am not likely to win any neat awards, but I have a certain layout to my room that makes me feel good. I have candles placed in various nooks all around my room, and books (my true love) that mean a lot to me or comfort me are in places that are easy for me to grab when I need them. Being the eccentric writer that I am (Not that anybody ever see's much of what I've written) I have various pens spread throughout my room and peices of paper where I've jotted down thoughts/ideas that I want to develop further. And of course there are my beloved tarot decks. I have four decks that I am especially connected with, dragon, witches, egyptian and angels. Very rarely do I actually read tarot for other people, its something that I keep very personal to myself, but often I will just sit and suffle one of those decks.

So imagine my horror today when I returned home to find my room completly changed. I mean totally changed, not just minor details (which admittedly would throw me slightly out of wack) but big things.

As soon as I stood outside my bedroom door I sensed something wrong, before even going into the room I went downstairs and yelled at my mother what the hell she thought she was doing going into my room.
"I just wanted to make your bed..." Totally disregarding that I am the one that always makes my bed for the precise reason I cannot stand to have someone in my room, so then I very calmly asked why she had felt it nessesary to move anything else about.
"Well I just bent down to do the corners and I saw a pile of papers, all torn around the edges and it looked so untidy just sitting there I had to move it and once I got started I just couldn't seem to stop." *Groan* Seriously the woman has lived with me for very nearly eighteen years and she can't remember that I am very picky about this sort of thing.

Resignedly I trudged back up the stairs to see the extent of the damage and my mother (totally clueless) followed me, again why couldn't she pick up that I was pissed and leave me alone. Our conversation vaugely followed these lines.

"Mother, why the hell are all of my candles grouped together in the centre of the table?" " Well they just look so neat that way, and imagine how pretty it will look when you have them all burning together!"

"Right, well then where on earth have all of my dragon statues gone?" "Oh they were taking up so much room I put them with the family statues downstairs."

"And my books? You moved my books!!!!" "Well yes, I put them on the bookcase downstairs, we'll all be able to read them that way." I can understand that with some of them but why my complete works of Shakespeare? You HATE Shakesphere! "Well you never know...."

*Sigh* "Right fine....but could you please tell me where you've put those stacks of paper, they were rather important." Oh dear were they? Well you should have mentioned that before dear I'm afraid that I took them for rubbish and dumped them in a big binliner. pause.... "YOU DID WHAT???!!!" "Well I'm sure that you'll be able to sort them out from the bag, it'll be fine.

"Right fine whatever...wait a minute why are my tarot cards all together?" "Well they were all in different places and none of the pairs were together so i put all of the matching ones together. Far more organised now." Loooong pause. "Right, thank you Mother. I'll see you later."

And then she left...singing, bloody singing. *bangs head on desk* Tarot cards lose their aura, so to speak, when handled by someone other than their owner and to be mixed together in such a way...well lets just say I'm going to have to put them all out in the next full moon. *Sigh* Either way it freaked me out so much that I couldn't spend time in the room today, the energy felt all wrong. However I'm in it now several hours later, I still feel sick in my stomach about the way it feels but I have moved my candles back and my statues. Theres nothing i can do about the tarot cards for a while and I'm going to be up all night sorting out my writing papers. I'll nab my books when my mum goes to sleep, I'm not going to be able to sleep until I get it as fully restored as possible.

I don't know though, maybe the fact that my mother suddenly got it into her head to 'organise' my room was an indication that it is time for me to slightly change the energy patterns in my room. After all I've changed a lot recently, so why shouldn't my surroundings too? Hmm its something to ponder.

Anyway, I knows its silly to get worked up about something as silly as a room. But to me its important, it is a space for me and I am very choosy about how I live. Please someone tell me I'm not the only person who gets this worked up about rooms!


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