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So 2011 kinda continues it's crappy start for me, but bad things come in threes right? And March is the third month, therefore I am working on the principle that after this the year is going to start looking up. It's the usual housemate stuff combined with school stuff -- who had a Prof. tell them they had the intelligence of a 10yr old? Why yes that would be me. Jackass -- and lastly the ever fun health issues. However, I feel that I have more than bored plenty of people with those issue, and while I think I would benefit from maybe finding someone to talk to about how miserable I am here, I am focusing on some positive things at the moment.

Firstly I want to say how much every day is brightened up when I see that [personal profile] jenniebart 
 had posted one of her lent ficlets. Always a highnote to the day for sure!

For all cat lovers, the following advert is a little gem to me. Also makes me wonder of all the possibilities.

I'm trying to keep busy too by working on a piece of original fiction that I started and is currently at 24,000 words. I'm feeling proud that I'm that far through. Not sure that I will let anyone other than [personal profile] theskywasblue  ever see it and not giving up on it after the first couple of thousand words means a lot for me. Admittedly, it's currently taking priority over my schoolwork, which maybe isn't the smartest thing I could do but after the way my teacher's been treating me I've gotten a rather apathetic view towards school.

I've also got a beautiful new picture of Kougaiji to keep me happy whenever I'm starting to feel down at the minute. Ebay is a wonderful site! And the prince is a sexy thing, though I know I'm a bit more of a Kou lover than quite a few people. **goes back to staring at the pretty prince**
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