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Why yes, I am now back at University. Is it as bad as I was fearing? Yes and No. However, if this is the way that 2011 has decided to start I think I'll just skip this year.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and that Jan had treated you all well so far! I wanted to say thanks to all of you who I recieved cards from - I have kept them all and look at them when I am feeling down. It works wonders!

School's started up again, and other than the misery of housemates continuing - I am mostly just avoiding people at the moment and that is working well for me - school itself is okay. I am lucky enough to know that one of my Prof's really likes me and the other one seems rather excellent, freakishly smart but very funny and interesting all the same. I was also planning ahead for once in my life so I got ahead on my reading by a week, which will hopefully make essay period that little less stressful! Here's hoping, right?!

A few people have been unlucky enough to deal with me when real life is terrifying me. I send my heart to [personal profile] rroselavy  and [personal profile] theskywasblue who have both spent time calming me down when I've started to panic about the fact I have to enter the real world in about five months time. What the frick?! What does the world mean I have to be responsible and get a job and work and blah. I've started to apply for many things and would love for some of them to come through, even if I get rejected. I just hate sitting here not knowing!

As a quick in the teeth I also found out today that my best friend has been dumped by his fiancee and he is now homeless. There are steps that can be take but seriously thanks 2011 you've been RUBBISH so far.

Ahaha, I promise I'm not that bitter!

And yes, I am planning on attending many yoga sessions and pilates classes and I have booked a massage.

Best moment of the year so far? Sitting in my 18th Cent Literature class talking about Phillis Wheatly, this very middle class girl suddenly starts banging on the table screaming about how none of us know how hard it must have been for the authoress to be black and abused and how dare we talk about her work without understanding. Even the Prof found it hard not to crack up, I have a feeling its going to be an entertaining class.
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