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*Giggles* Ok the title is a bit random but its to do with a CD/band that I recommend at the moment:

Panic!at the disco- A fever you can't sweat out. Its a fun, eclectic mixture of tunes. From little bits of techno to medival type piano. Well I'm rather fond of it anyway, if you can find some of their songs just to listen to I would.

Also I'm recommending a book, "The Time Travellers Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. I may have mentioned this before. I know that when [ profile] initial_aitch asked for a book recommendation I told them about this one and they enjoyed it. I have just finished re-reading it and loved it once again. Its a heartwarming beautiful story.

Hmm random note, does anyone else out there have Angel Cards ? They are cards that you put into a container and have words on them such as: Relaxation, Celebration etc. And they basically show what your day is going to focus on, you have to just pick the first one your hand is drawn too. The words don't always mean what you think they mean so you do have to double check with the book you recieve with the pack. Anyway I find them oddly satisfying. *Grins*

Anyway I may have...or actually may not have mentioned not so long ago that I have given up on the medical profession as a whole. Unfortunatly I am going to be made to eat my words as I'm booked at the hospital on Thursday. I don't know whats going to happen *shakes head* I've been sort of bullied into going back but I guess the old saying runs through my head: If at first you don't succeed and all that rot.

However am in a fairly good mood as have just finished watching QI, nothing like Stephan Fry's witty repartee to amuse me beyond belief. Found out some very interesting facts about Naoh's ark...for instance there were seven sheep aboard the ark as opposed the the generally thought two. After that I got watching a programme about Stalin and russian architecture which was oddly interesting, *whistles* some of those buildings. Wow.

Anyway that is all from me for now.


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