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2006-01-14 04:34 pm

Monolgue for St Min and....venting

Hey guys, a little while a go I promised St Minority that I would send her my old coursework that was based on one of our mutal fave songs 'Boulevard of broken dreams' I have attempted to send it to her but I'm not sure it got through. Hope you enjoy it St Min

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Yes I did write this peice when I was going through my depression, and expressing it kind of helped me at the time...also if you can't figure out what happened to her feel free to ask unless of course you are happy leaving it ambigous.

Ok well last you heard from me I was stressing over my examinations...well I have one left on next friday and then I am done. But I've also been having a hard time with my psychology teacher at the moment. We are doing coursework and because I've had hospital appointments or been sick I've missed a few lessons. So over the xmas holidays I caught up with everything and handed it into her last tuesday so that she could make some comments on it so I could improve it for when it was due to be handed in (last friday) and she had a massive go at me for missing deadlines and when I told her it was because I was ill she said to me "Well you shouldn't be so ill" and when I defended myself by saying I don't choose to be ill she got all pissy with me and told me that I was going to fail. Then to top it off she refused to give my work back to me to correct because I hadn't given it in on the proper dead line...stupid fucking cow. I actually hate her and want her to drop off the edge of this fucking planet...seriously if my grade drops because of that bitch I am going to be fucked off....or even more so, as shown by the various amounts of swear words creeping in i guess its obvious I'm pissed....sorry about that.

My best friends 'transformation' is once again taking a turn for the downside so screw that bitch too. I'm fed up of being bitched on, screwed over and generally put down. The bastards can just find themselves someone else to piss with because I have had enough.

The guy that came crying for help came back about a week ago and I've been in such a snit lately that I just said "Why don't you go hang yourself, I'm not going to tell you that you've done nothing wrong because you have and I refuse to have you in my house. The world will be a better place without you"

The 'player' who was pissing me off also got the sharp end of my temper. Thank you so much for the advice you gave Idol Hands, I would never have played him but because he could believe I was turning him down he just kept hassiling me. So I told him to shove terms not suitable to type down.

I don't lose my temper all that often but this past week has been enough just to make me blow! So I'm sorry that I've vented liked this but if I didn't I would go it is I am afraid that this week has been spent panicking, drinking more than is good for me (which I never do), smoking...which I hate that I've resorted to because I honestly think its a terrible habit 'n' I've never actually smoked before this week and just wishing the whole thing was over with so that I could piss off to America and not see these bastards again.

....and so ends my rant. Sorry. I hoep you enjoyed the monologue St Minority. Now I am off to go listen to some soothing music.