May. 1st, 2007

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I've had a really odd week, full of so many ups and downs that it's hard to really comprehend it all. I think I'm kind of numb at the minute not really taking anything in.

To get the bad over first. My cat got hit by a car last Wed and sadly we had to have her put down on the Fri. It was best for her but totally heartbreaking. The main thing that got to me was because of how the damage was inflicted. Her spinal cord snapped in such a way/place that there was no other damage apart from the fact that from halfway down her back she was paralysed, like her digestive system etc. Her front half was awake and active and she recgonized us when we went to vist. Really distressing but like I said before kindest for her. Makes me think though, we really are kinder to our animals sometimes. If she'd been human there wouldn't have been that option.

I also have my second driving lesson with a new instructor tomorrow. To put it frankly I am totally bricking it. Driving terrifies me but it is totally nessesary in today's society... yep just gotta keep telling myself that!!!

Ok much better news. The first performance of the Homophobia and Exclusions goes up tomorrow and I really believe that it may just all work out. **bounce** I will be so scarily happy tomorrow if it all goes well. Then we'll all finally see how much our hard work has payed off. Seems to have been a long time coming but will all be worth it hopefully. If we change at least one kids mind or make someone feel more secure about themselves thats all I care about!

And also finally I have finished writing my original play so everything is jogging along smoothly with that. The stage design is almost finalised and.... hee. I'm really excited about it so fingers crossed that it will go well.

Oh and a note to anyone who likes Harry Potter or fancies a giggle. Go to YouTube and look up, 'Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise'... made me laugh. Maybe thats because I'm a geek and love Snape though lol. :D


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